Wherefore Art Thou Blogging Schedule??

Wait a second. Is Hannah ACTUALLY being proactive and setting a schedule for her posts??

*Gasp* this has not happened in the history of EVER! How can this be??

Well, with the sarcasm out the way, the rumors that those pesky paparazzi spread (Gosh, they follow me EVERYWHERE) are true. I’ve chosen to force myself into finishing at least one post a week and publishing on Thursday. I love writing, and I love this sweet little Word Press community. It’s just been hard to finish things each week, but finish them I shall!

So, on every Thursday and any other day I randomly want to write an entry, you can be sure that it will be there for your little reader eyes to do their little reading thing.

Thanks for being such a dedicated little group of encouragers. You guys have been great.

Till next time (next Thursday)!



A Quickly Written Inspiration

writers are forgetful

This is a good thing to remember* throughout your day!

Anytime you’re being a little down on yourself for whatever reason, be reminded of the good qualities you possess, just as the quote above considers. For instance, “You may not remember the silly little chores you have to do around the house, but you remember the important things in life” and another example, “You may not be the greatest at Algebra, but you rock at English and literature.”

Now, isn’t that encouraging? That is how we should consistently approach life, with little reminders to ourselves that no one can be perfect in all areas. Although this does not mean that we shouldn’t try to improve in the areas we don’t have a clue. How can we ever accomplish anything with that kind of thinking? We all have to start somewhere. What this philosophy simply does is prevent us from feelings like failures before we get better at something, or because we don’t have a certain quality we like about others.

“If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.” Albert Einstein

I love this quote from Einstein because it is apparent that even he himself faced setbacks. Einstein, believe it or not, failed subjects at school and didn’t feel as great as he could have at some points in life. Look how he turned out! He was one of the greatest minds in history and he faced the same struggles we do.

All in all, this should be a blog that encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

BUT- before you can even come close to doing that you have to make peace with who you are as a person  (including all the little qualities you could do without and the qualities you wish you had). Once you are content and know who you are, you will find yourself that much happier in life.

In conclusion, I hope you lovelies have a great day today and that you carry this message in your back pocket, to encourage and to wipe away any troubles you may come along.

Again, wishing you all a great day!