Growth, Trees, and..what? Patience??

Hey, you! Yeahh, you. The one with that weird haircut and your eyes glued to the screen. Gosh. You look like you haven’t gone outside in months. Well, good news, couch potato! I definitely haven’t forgotten about you..although I wouldn’t blame you if you’d forgotten ME, at this rate.. Completely going off the blogging grid after posting an entry about my hopeful “blog schedule”? Ironic for even me, but seriously..

These last few months have been a roller coaster of ups and downs, and making time to post was nearly impossible. But no fear. I’ve still been writing! You guys just haven’t seen any of it yet. So, buckle your seat belts, folks. The silence is over, thank gosh. It was driving me a little crazy knowing I haven’t posted in so long, when I know I have more meaningful content to write than ever before.

This was written two days ago in the morning, looking out on the wonderful landscape of my high school Providence Christian Academy’s campus.

“The trees are winding and twisting every which way. They grow however they grow, effortlessly. Without a care in the world, they trust the tale of time to show them who they’ll be.

Patience. The tree has patience like no other. It cannot see itself growing. Actually, to HIM it seems like he’s forever rooted in one place. With no change to come.

But slowly, it realizes that there is meaning to the life even the smallest and the lowest of us are granted. Just takes trust.”

These are some pictures I have taken at my high school’s campus last year, in the founding year of the school.


But yes..I’m here to stay and have more content to come, including an entry of my relatively recent trip to New York City, around the time that the protests were going on.

In all the busy of these last few months, I’ve even gotten behind in reading what some of my favorite blogs have been posting! In the days and weeks and months to come, I will be working overtime. This isn’t something I’m going to give up on.

So, stick around for the ride..

Your lil ol’ blogger signing out,



The Indecisive Nature of Growing Up

Ultimately, nothing is written in stone. No matter how much we believe otherwise, one little change of plans and we are right back to square one. Things change, people change, everything changes. We all grow.

I’ve noticed this a lot growing up; your childhood and teen years are one phase after another. One day you want to be a vet, one day you want to be a teacher, one day you want to achieve world domination, owning all the T.J Maxx and Chick fil A’s of the world…oh, wait. Did I just say that out loud?

Anyway, all of us, at some point in life, are forced to choose a profession or line of work that we… hopefully (*fingers crossed*) will never get completely sick of. No pressure there, right? Well, that, my friends, is the point that I am at right now. Stuck in between childhood and adulthood, I am forced with some pretty big decisions. Time has flown and people that I have grown up with since childhood are starting to graduate high school. I find it hard sometimes to appreciate where I am at in life while I am so deeply aware of how close I am to being on my own.

I have my whole life ahead of me and that scares me, yet pushed me to unimaginable excitement and vision of living my purpose out in this world. Thinking of these things, as long as it is in a positive way, is something that I choose to follow out for my own good, because using these situations will push me further and further to the goals I have set for myself. That’s the only way to overcome doubt. So, where will Hannah Garner be in the future?

Only time will tell.