Summer Blooms- Photography of the Day

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, there is a rapture on the lonely shore, there is society, where nothing intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar: I love not man the less, but nature more.

Alright, you little readers, you. I admit I’ve been a little slack with the posting, and when I say “slack” I really mean “completely negligent and only posts once a month even though she loves blogging” kind of slack. It’s pathetic, I am aware.

BUT- to make it up to you all, I’ve taken some summer photography that I thought you might enjoy. There’s nothing better than a little nature, no?

So…I’m going to be very frank with you. When I share these pictures I plan on giving as little information of the picture’s back story on purpose in a pathetic attempt to hide that I took these pics at the outdoor garden section of Lowes. Hey, don’t look at me like that! I’m using the resources given to me.

So without further ado, here’s your own little virtual flower bouquet of the day.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Your own personal Lowes outdoor garden photographer signing out,



Flash-Back Photography (Summer Edition)

Well, we are all aware that in the summer the world seems to feel a little more peppy and alive than the rest of the seasons *cough* *cough* this winter is killing me currently *cough* *cough*

Plus, summer is just one of those times that is completely filled to the brim with intriguing and gorgeous landscapes, flowers, unique designs of creation, everything, to photograph!

And don’t get me wrong! 99.9% of the time I LOVE winter. I’m a sucker for those hot chocolates, candy canes, Christmas, snow! All of it. Although, so far this December has felt like a long, chilly, and rainy blob of coldness (Literally. I have a cold). Depressing, isn’t it?

So, in the wake of this upcoming winter, I just wanted to take some time to give a shout out to summer (yeah, you know, the season where your butt won’t freeze to your seat). Not that that’s happened. Yet.

But, getting down to business: just enjoy the pictures!

Transport yourself back to this glorious season of flipflops and funky tan lines.

And have fun!

Yep. That was an order, too.

Mandatory fun.


So, picture numero uno..This flower was taken outside of my best friend’s house, on a WEED. Just goes to show you can find beauty everywhere, if you search for it.


This beautiful little gem was taken outside of my house. Flowers are one of the best (and most humble) models you could ever ask for!


These flowers were photographed at a beach house in Fenwick Island, Delaware, right after I watered them.

A hydrangeas’ mixture of various colors are usually always stunning to admire and capture with a camera.


And this final picture is another one of the flowers from the beach house in Delaware, Maryland.

One of the cool things I’ve noticed about photography is that each picture has its own little story.

For instance, this story OBVIOUSLY means I’m in desperate need of some summer. Like, pronto. 

Sorry to cut this short, but..

Your rushing and admittedly quite busy blogger signing off for a day filled with hard work,

Hannah xoxo