Singers, Carriages, and Protests- Oh my! Part 2 (The Part with the Carriages)

(Now before we get started, I want to address that this is Part 2 of “Singers, Carriages, and Protests- Oh my!”)

Here is the first entry’s link to catch you up on all the adventure…

Part 1 (The Part with the Singers)

When we left the Radio City Music Hall, where we saw the amazing Rockettes perform, Ms. Jen (my friend’s mother) told us she had just received a text from another lady in the group telling us to watch out because there was a protest going on just minutes away. Looking at our map, we realize that Trump Towers is, IN FACT, the exact destination in which our bus would be meeting everyone to take us home.

We decided to try our hardest to avoid those areas for as long as possible, for safety’s sake, so we thought the most reasonable thing to do next would be shopping at some stores near Times Square. We knew our time was ticking down, and of course, in natural Hannah fashion, you just can’t forget to shop! …Even though, *fun fact of the day* Hannah used to hate shopping as a child. My, how times have changed.

After shopping and getting a wonderful Starbucks (something I never get to do in regular everyday life), we knew that we should start to head back in the general vicinity of where the bus would pick us up. Times Square was such a surreal experience, all the ads and shops. BUT on our way back, after we caught up with another group from the bus trip, we were reminded of one thing. There were carriage rides on the side of the street! Some of us had never done that before, and of course, when in Rome…or, um. New York, you have to try new things!

So, we stopped some of the men and said that we wished to take a quick ride. They said “of course” and we jumped right in, a couple people to each carriage. The three of us got into a huge extravagant one, with the sweetest Clydesdale ever leading us up front. He sure seemed to be a fan of his owner, the buggy driver!

The man driving our buggy was a sweet older fellow who had a lovely accent I thought to be Scottish, mixed with a little something else. He conversated with us very pleasantly over the ride through Central Park, showing us from a distance the different sky scrapers and the purpose of each one. He pointed out CNN towers and explained to us that when those red lights were on, CNN was live. And he made sure to point out the different places in Central Park that were in famous movies, such as Elf and Home Alone.

a glimpse of Central Park (this was earlier in the day, before the buggy ride)

He pointed out Trump Towers, too, where right at that exact moment protesters were getting ready to march past.

“I’ve heard that there are protests that are going to go on tonight,” Ms. Jen said to the driver.

“Oh, yes. They’ve been going on for a while now. Those and the animal rights protesters really slow down the people that are trying to get to work.”

We nodded and said that we were sure it did.

“I know people are angry, but there’s no changing it. The election is done- finished. Nothing can be done about it now.”

We went through little bursts of him explaining things on the way. When it was silent, it was so easy to be relaxed by the clip clop of horse’s steps at a slow and relaxed pace. It was probably nice for these horses to walk through the park at night, with no one around. No bustle, no crowds. It sure was nice for us.

Who are those handsome creatures??

When we were turning the bend to go back into the city, we saw a group of people on the side of the road with big signs. As we slowed down, one lady gave a pamphlet to us, which I almost took, out of pure confusion. She looked at us and went, “I know you probably don’t know what you’re doing, but take this.” My mind was spinning. What were these people talking about? When I looked up, I saw the sign, of a horse and buggy in New York.

They were protesting buggy rides.

Out of the back of the crowd someone yelled, “YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.” This was when realization set in. If they wanted to stop “animal cruelty” as they called it, human cruelty isn’t the way to do it! At least the first lady was kind about her beliefs.

In front of us, there was a buggy with a few women in it. One person from the protest yelled at them, “It’s animal cruelty!” The woman inside, part of our bus group, looked up in confusion and said, “No, it’s not.” Which, indeed, was not a good decision because the man from the crowd dropped his sign and started off in a sprint toward their buggy.

As we were leaving the scene the Scottish driver in the front seat looked back at us and reassured us everything was okay. “Don’t listen to them, folks. They wouldn’t know a horse’s hoof from it’s behind!” He gave us a jolly laugh.

When we were back safely at the drop off, he thanked us very much for coming along. The other horse driver that was present gave us each a carrot to feed to the horses. They were such sweet and happy creatures and, to our delight, we got to pet them and give them a carrot for being such troopers with all the yelling and ruckus that was going on.


The other driver started talking to me as we walked to the side.

“Yes, we have to deal with that daily,” he told me. “But what most people don’t know is that it’s a few of the real estate companies that are behind it. They purposefully are spinning people up, making it seem like it’s indecent to be doing what the horses love. They’re born wanting to be active, but the real estate companies wanted the land that our stables are on, and now they are trying to get their way.”

I shook my head. “That’s too bad. The horses seem like they’re being cared for.” He smiled and nodded his head.

After all, as long as the animals are being cared for, loved on, and are genuinely happy, I do not see a problem. But for the the people out there in the world that are genuinely NOT taking care of their animals, come on! Animals are a blessing in life. They give the most pure and unconditional form of love out there, and we must stick up for those innocent that cannot stick up for themselves.  (I just hit you with a truth bomb, didn’t I)?

After this run-in with the animal rights protesters, which was thoroughly unexpected, we went on our way. If we left now, we’d be right on time for the bus to pick us up! All we had to do was walk a little more to the place we were supposed to meet, near Trump Towers…

Thus concludes the 2nd Part!

And again- thanks for reading! And get ready for this third and final part!

Your trusty lil’ blogger signing out,



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