Wherefore Art Thou Blogging Schedule??

Wait a second. Is Hannah ACTUALLY being proactive and setting a schedule for her posts??

*Gasp* this has not happened in the history of EVER! How can this be??

Well, with the sarcasm out the way, the rumors that those pesky paparazzi spread (Gosh, they follow me EVERYWHERE) are true. I’ve chosen to force myself into finishing at least one post a week and publishing on Thursday. I love writing, and I love this sweet little Word Press community. It’s just been hard to finish things each week, but finish them I shall!

So, on every Thursday and any other day I randomly want to write an entry, you can be sure that it will be there for your little reader eyes to do their little reading thing.

Thanks for being such a dedicated little group of encouragers. You guys have been great.

Till next time (next Thursday)!



11 thoughts on “Wherefore Art Thou Blogging Schedule??

  1. Scheduling is a habbit I make and break every couples of weeks, haha. I’ll have a few weeks where everything is scheduled well in advance, then I’ll have a few weeks where I’m desperately trying to sort things the day they’re out! I hope you make a better habit of it than I have ;). I think the most important thing, regardless of whether it’s actually written and scheduled, is to have a day set in stone where a post has to be out… For you it sounds like Thursday! Looking forward to seeing more 🙂

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      1. Deadlines/Due Dates help me no end; especially when they’re set by someone else rather than me. If I’m not held accountable to something, my laziness takes over! They do say to try and make a habit of things!

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      2. Exactly…habits help me best, as well. I sympathize with you on that one. Procrastination is unfortunately one of my weaknesses, but it’s completely different with writing for me 🙂 I love writing, my only concern is getting pieces done quicker than I have been. I tend to want to take my good ol’ time, but right now I’m challenging myself and the goal is to get my pieces done a little faster each time, with quality 😀 I’ve read articles where it says if you practice writing and editing faster (while maintaining quality, of course…not getting sloppy), it just becomes natural and many times you can become very accustomed to sitting down and cranking another piece out. Like a habit, eh?


    1. Haha yes- boy, you don’t need to remind me. I’m completely aware, sadly. I posted something on that Thursday but took it down after I thought it didn’t meet my standards…The struggle D: However, in retrospect, I probably should have posted the schedule plans until after Christmas, seeing as how it’s pretty much the busiest time of the year. That sure doesn’t help either. And YAAAY!!! thank you very much. I sooo appreciate it. I can’t wait to do this! I’ll definitely comment to let you know when I’ve posted the acceptance to this 🙂 Again, thank you! And I’ll be sure to stick to that schedule from now on. That gives me EVEN MORE accountability, knowing that people are even checking in to see 🙂 Thanks for everything and have a great holiday season!

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      1. Your comments are always such a pleasure to read, they fill the void of your unpublished not-up-to-your-standards posts 😀 haha I really truly understand how difficult it can get to stick to something which is completely depended upon you in nature when there are so many other small tasks popping up out of nowhere; no doubts holiday season iss one of the busiest of all! I really had no intentions of holding you accountable at all (tho it’s always a plus point if it gives motivation) because I myself am the most irregular of all bloggers xD As for the award, gosh u deserve many more, it is just an attempt at getting to know ur interesting self more;D

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      2. Oh, I don’t think I ever replied to this, did I?? Don’t you worry, I’m back to writing some published-up-to-my-standards posts, thank GOODNESS!!! I’ve missed WordPress so much D: And YES! Some good motivation is always helpful, thank you for that! Now that I’m back, I’ll have to get to writing that award post 😀 and checking out some of your fantabulous writings. And YES! exactly!! Award posts are always a great way to get to know “my interesting self” hahaha! 😀 I’ll tell you when I’m done with the award post then, too 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!! It is always appreciated

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      3. Okay so I was on an announced break because of a test and have been missing on everything posted by some amazing bloggers during this time. Oh the list of those amazing bloggers includes u so like give me some time to get back in the saddle and catch up on alk the amazing stuuf u have posted. I am soo happy that I’d finally get to see more posts from you!

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      4. I don’t know if I ever replied to this. Gosh. How unorganized am I! But thank you always for your kindness and support and I will be sooo happy to see more from you now, too!! 🙂 BTW how’d the test go? I’m getting back in the swing of things once again, too. Thank goodness!

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      5. Looks like we will just have to get used to this life of constant hiatus and unannounced disappearances (even if thats not a word). And soo glad to know you are finally getting back in the swing. My test went well alhumdulillah, I cleared for the university of my dreams so yeah a bit of sunshine there^-^

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