Hoodies, Apple Cider, and Campfires Galore (A Welcoming to Fall)

“And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and Autumn was awakened.”

Raquel Franco

It’s no surprise that I’m just a little bit happy completely PSYCHED for fall, and seeing as how last week was officially the first day of this lovely season, it’s only appropriate to have an appreciation post, no?

But first, Imma be real with you. Fall hasn’t always had the same attraction to me as it does now. Actually, I never really had much of an opinion on the season until I had gotten older. I’m an only child (except for an adoptive brother that moved out very early in my life) so fall wasn’t highlighted by stories of raking leaves and jumping in with all 11 of my siblings. It was more or less just cold weather and pumpkins…and lots of em.

However, over the years, by and by, I’ve developed a real and deep appreciation for fall in all its glory. It’s easy to say I’ve slowly fallen in love with everything it has to offer. I love the crisp leaves that rustle underneath my shoes as I walk, I love the rich splendor and color that meet my eyes as I walk outdoors, I love how nature falls in the most beautiful way possible during this time and I’m left in awe.

There is so much to be happy about if you take the time to appreciate the little things. There’s fresh apple cider during a good barn party, the pies that you and your friends will make together, the sports game you will watch in the evenings while bundled up in a fuzzy blanket to lessen the cold, and it just seems like the world starts to slow down for a bit, even if for the slightest amount of time, in the fall. You get to appreciate aspects of life a lot more.

Let’s go ahead and list a few more of my favorite parts of fall that we can look forward to in the up and coming months.


#1 – Thanksgiving (I live in the United States)

For real, though, do I even really have to elaborate on this one?? Just the thought of Thanksgiving is making my mouth water. Pies, stuffing, casseroles, yeah. You get the picture. It’s one big fiasco of good eating, especially in my family, that has country roots. I’m convinced that growing up in the country helps homemaking skills.

#2 – Chilly Weather!

Alright. You can stop giving me that look. I’m feeling the judgment radiating through the screen before I even publish this! I know that chilly weather isn’t always that much fun at the time, but compared to our summer scorch fests, I’d take a fuzzy scarf and beanie any day over slowly boiling in Vitamin D, thank you very much.

#3 – Scented Candles

I’m sincerely sorry. I’m going to give the common girl answer (don’t worry, there will be more of those to come!) and say scented candles. Because, really, who can’t resist the smell of sugar cookies and pumpkin pie wafting from a melted wax? Name the person, and I will be shocked.

#4 – Cappuccinos

See? I warned you. We’ve got another cliche answer on our hands, ladies and gents. You know what, though? I’m going to own it and wear this cliche answer with pride. Cappuccinos in the fall time = the perfect combination. The cold weather mixed with a good steaming cup of joe is the BEST way to start the day off right.

#5 –  Campfires

Fall is one of the best times of the year to do campfires with friends and family. Why? Well, my friends, I’ll tell you…by fall, all the evil little mutant bugs that enjoy making our lives miserable will be dying off *YAY* and bug bites become much less common. This makes for a much happier Hannah when it comes time to gather round the fire and tell scary stories.


Eyyy, well lookie there. My birthday is in fall, too! And if that’s not a reason to like fall at least a little more, I don’t know what is!

#7 – The Beautiful Foliage

As I said before, nature is at one of its most beautiful parts of Autumn. Photography will be a cinch since everywhere you look the world will be your own personal canvas of color to capture.


Well, it’s ten o’clock at night as I am writing this, and I think I’ve officially finished up with my little nod toward fall. I know this isn’t what I normally write (I normally don’t write in list format)…only if it’s an award post, but trust me, I’m getting used to junior year’s work and am starting to have much more time for blogging. So, hold on to your seats, folks! There will be more material to come very soon

What are some of YOUR favorite parts of Autumn? List them all down in the comment box! I would be curious to see everything!

In conclusion, thank you sticking around to read through this lil’ ol’ welcoming to fall. I wish you all a very lovely day and a HUNDRED cappuccinos and bonfires in your near future!

What?! It’s the best blessing I could fathom.

Until next time,





17 thoughts on “Hoodies, Apple Cider, and Campfires Galore (A Welcoming to Fall)

  1. Very interesting list, though mine will be slightly different, as I am from India, where weather is different from your place. Nevertheless, fall is beautiful everywhere. Here the weather becomes pleasant (not chilly), and it is festival season as well. With winter knocking at the door, it is the time to start looking for stylish jackets, boots, and such stuff that start flooding the market.

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  2. My oh my, Autumn happens to be my favorite season too, it was such a pleasure to read this so-like-minded of a post. Over here where I live, in Pak, we barely get to witness any fall colours on the streets or in our garden, but I am so obsessed with Autumn that I still romanticise about it. Oh my bday falls in fall too, I made a feeble attempt at poetry to describe my feelings for Autumn ( https://tehreemsiteblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/autumns-susurration/)

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    1. What are you talking about feeble attempt?? I think it’s gorgeous! It has sort of a transforming quality about it, making me imagine the crisp and cool outside of a fall day, and going into a cozy coffee shop to drink a lovely cappuccino or something of the sorts. I adore it! Keep on writing 🙂

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      1. U just hit the weak point Godd 😀 Currently I am really struggling so much to get some time on my hand because my aptitude test is only about two months away and there’s A LOT to cover up, they’re cramming up everything. I am afraid you won’t see much from me in this struggling phase. But I won’t shut-off completely either (at least i hope so) I have some posts planned up, only waiting to get a bit free. Honestly, my blog is quite wayward and I have no scheduled posting time. I post whatever, whenever – it just has to click. Till then maybe (_maybe_) you may like to check some of my older poetries and articles(TT)

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      2. Ohhh trust me. I can relate 11000% !! It was only until a few days ago that I really was like “Okay. I’m buckling down and at least trying to do this schedule thing”. It’s the hardest thing, sometimes. And yaaay!! I’ll just look back at some old your older ones, then 😀

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      3. THANKS SO MUCH FOR UNDERSTANDING! I really can’t afford to get caught using WordPress by my parents when my current score on maths go as low as 26/36. I’d be very infrequent with my blog for this phase in my life, but the good news is, this phase too shall pass ;D


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