An Open Letter to the Woman that Belittled my Mother to Tears (A Lesson in Customer Service- For the Customer)

Dear lady that yelled at my mother today,

My mother is a banker. She’s been banking for more than twenty years of her life and is good at what she does. She’s GREAT at what she does. She is the sweetest, strongest, most giving, most compassionate woman you could ever come across. Countless things are done daily to help support her family, her church, and her grandchildren (my niece and nephew). Her life is a clear example of generosity and love.

And, although, it is not uncommon for me to hear of rude disgruntled customers, angry that their loans can’t go through, angry about that account that was being difficult for them, angry about anything in general, this saddens me all the more. 

So, congratulations. You are the latest case of insanity that working with the public has brought in.

It seems all you hear of anymore is the importance of “customer service” but it is obvious no one really takes the time to evaluate the great cost and sacrifice it takes to practice it. It takes a lot of character, to be sure.

One of the biggest things in customer service is caring for the greater good of the customer. Seems easy when said, doesn’t it?

Try caring for the greater good of customers when they are consistently hurling insults at you right and left. Try caring for the greater good of customers when they ask why you “would do something so STUPID?!” Try caring for the greater good of customers when they show the worst of humanity daily with no shame, with no regret. I dare you to even try dealing with such unreasonable people when you are expected to withhold your tongue from saying the things that it are most tempting to say. Try dealing with someone like that while maintaining professionalism and class. It takes true strength and a special person.

Ma’am, I want to let you know that frustration is inevitable in life; although, in your case, you’ve gone too far. My mother picked me up from school today with a smile on her face, but as I got in I knew something was immediately off. If you knew my mom you would know that she is a lady that doesn’t usually give into her emotions. She’s a strong person, but she is also human. As she described her day to me this evening (as we both always tend to do) she lets me in on what had happened today. She tells me the cruel way you dealt with her. She told me how you talked to her like she was a dog and she told me that she cried. And when she got to that point, did you back down? Did you realize how wrong you were? No, you decide it was best to press further, questioning my mother on her ability to tell her head from her toes. When she stutters, in obvious shock, for a response you laugh and hiss at her, “Just listen to you! You can even say it right. Listen to her!”

All I am thinking at this point was Who would do such a thing?!  I can only imagine what hardening you’ve had to have gone through in life to make you capable of doing this to someone else.

To make things worse, I see no justice in scenes like this. You get your way and the upstanding professionals behind the scenes, doing the dirty work, get punished for your tantrum. Because they must have done something disastrous to irritate you, right?


Tell me again what my mother did. What was it that made you harass her like this?

She mistakenly put the wrong address road down.

I only hope that you have more understanding people than yourself and your husband around when you make a mistake in life. I feel sorry for you, but I am grateful for people such as yourself to be an example of who not to be in life. These circumstances grow people of moral standing to push through and stand up for others in an all-new way. They teach us exactly how to love each other, free from society’s corrupted views on how to treat others. Now my mom knows exactly how she wants to treat others, because she knows exactly how she wants to be treated.

You may go away from this thinking that you’ve won, but I guarantee you that my mom will go back to work tomorrow, walk in that door, and start all over again by giving to the community. Even though the community may not feel obligated to give back. It’s just the way she is.

So, please, the next time you are tempted to lose your temper and take it out on others in such a cold and heartless way, realize that this actually affects people. Those bankers, those restaurant workers, those teachers, those people who work hard for you, are all going through a life that is just as inconvenient as yours is feeling like, sometimes even more-so. Remind yourself that there is a way to show frustration with class and dignity. You, ma’am, need help with that.

Thank you,


14 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Woman that Belittled my Mother to Tears (A Lesson in Customer Service- For the Customer)

  1. This made me so upset! Your mother sounds like a lovely woman. I can’t help but pity the people who evidently have such sad little lives that the only way they have of taking it out is to hurt complete strangers like this.

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    1. Thank you so much, love! This made me smile! I know, it’s always very upsetting when situations like this take place. I was furious and felt the best way to handle the issue was to make it known to others, so thank you again for your encouragement 🙂

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  2. You go Hannah. Lianne, don’t think about it again. Everyone who knows you knows you! Sounds like you had the misfortune to rin into a very sad woman. She needs to get a life. Love u Deborah

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  3. As Christian’s we are told to turn the other cheek. This is so hard when we work with the pubic; people take their frustrations out on people that are trying to help them accomplish their goals. I am so sorry this happen to one of the nicest cousins anyone could have. Please try to put it behind you, and I petty these people because they sound like God is not with them and they don’t know what they are missing. Chin up Lianne, If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need our Saviour ❤ Hugs and Love 🙂

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  4. Excellent come back, and so kind in the way you put it too. My beloved Mother used to say that some people simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I personally believe that some people live terrifying lives. Someone is torturing them, and so they take it out on another unsuspecting soul whom they feel can’t come back at them.

    Nope! You mother didn’t deserve what she went through, but it sounds like she handled it like a trooper. I hope her management stepped in and assisted in quieting down this mess. And I hope you’re mother can look at her track record over her years of service, realizing she does good work. And it wasn’t anything she did. Some people are just plain mean.

    Highest and Best to her!

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    1. I know. I couldn’t believe it, either, but she pulled through and is still the bright sunshine that she was before. And, wow! Thank you sooooo much! This made me smile! I will definitely get right onto making that Liebster post !!! 😀

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