The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth: a post about the Justice System

A truthful lawyer.

That sentence catches you a little off-guard, am I right?

It’s okay if it did. Actually, it’s a well-known fact that some lawyers are not the most honest of people. So much so that we may feel that “truth” and “lawyer” have no place being in the same vicinity. They cancel each other out somehow, almost as if the words create a big cultural oxymoron.

What I’m wondering is at what point in time did these individuals start disappointing us? When did it become okay for attorneys to purposefully prosecute the innocent and set free those who will continue to destroy society as we know it? And, at what point, did it become perfectly fine to give children that are thriving in a healthy environment for once, back to parents that are STILL unfit to take care of them…and the only reason being because it is easier for the justice system?

Even in my young life, I’ve seen this all too much. Trust me, there are unlimited amounts of people willing to let their ethics slide for what is easy, for what gives them that paycheck at the end of the week. And, hey, if it takes some tricks to make that paycheck even larger, it’s cool…no problem.

On the other hand, some attorneys and others of the law are simply ground and bullied into submission by those around them, or those over them in rank, to act on whatever closes the case in their favor. Their block of integrity has been chipped away by and by from the daily grind of life in this environment. These particular individuals are tired of saying no and finding themselves in trouble for standing by their morals. Soon it comes to the point where they don’t wish to resist the pressures of the law system any longer. A defense lawyer’s job is to defend. Even when the client isn’t innocent, right? These people have heard it so many times, it becomes stamped into their minds as fact. People get to the point where they believe they’re just doing their job.

It’s no secret that this thought process has seeped into the minds of society and law. Those in places of authority are no longer using their powers as they should, but as they are told, or how they want to use them. Who can blame them, though? There is more to the judicial system than it looks to the untrained eye.

Restrictions and laws of the government and law system set rigid guidelines on just HOW attorneys should conduct themselves, and in most cases if they step out of line they pay the price. The government (or law system, moreover) believe that the focus of the attorney should be more invested in the greater good of the client, not necessarily that the truth comes out.

I’m not being too harsh on the Justice System. It has a very important responsibility in society and should be treated with immense maturity and moral integrity. Lawyers and judges (EVERYONE) should be held accountable in all they do. Those that are willing to lie for their gain, defend the guilty party, and proclaim those that have gone down the wrong path “a lost cause” so easily, without argument, are the ones corrupting the system.

BUT…there areΒ many upstanding lawyers and judges that do stand for what is right, true, and good for everyone involved. They stand with those that are hurting, they protect those that are innocent and convict those that are guilty. They show mercy where mercy should be shown and justice where justice is needed. These folks are helping society in more ways than we can count and they do their job while at the same time standing by ethics instead of material gain. These theΒ real justice seekers in the system and should be applauded as such.

Because there is a problem when I tell someone I wish to be a lawyer and they meet me with a look that is the equivalent as if I were the one put on trial.

So, what do we do about this?

Gather more people with strong character and conviction to stand for what is right in positions of leadership, where we need them most.

Your faithful future lawyer and blogger,



17 thoughts on “The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

  1. You are definitely not being harsh. This had to be said, and I don’t think it could’ve been put in better words. Society will judge and generalise, but it’s the same society that needs to stand together to change the system and support the Right and not the Wrong.
    Well done! I really like this post!

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    1. Wow!! I couldn’t agree more with you on that…it’s time for people to stop accepting mediocrity and start stepping up to the plate. And thank you so much! I’m so glad you think so!! Your art is pretty awesome, too! LOLOL keep up the awesomeness πŸ˜€

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    2. Hello Hannah,

      There are a few things I would like to help you understand. Please bear with me.

      While your views are commendable, there is no such thing as integrity, truth, honesty and trust in the monetary based nationalistic system that we have been born into and become accustomed to.

      You may feel disheartened by this, but that is the truth. The way we can become all the things you and I wish for for every individual on this spectacular planet of ours is to make radical changes. To move to a resource based global society.

      I cannot recommend more highly the Zeitgeist films and the Venus Project. You may find the films a little turgid to start, but make sure you watch each to the end…they are well worth the effort and you will be astonished at the manner in which the few are manipulating the rest of us.

      The Venus Project in Florida shows and proves what can be done to improve radically the quality of life for everyone…food, homes, real education, pollution free 4,000mph travel, no laws.

      Which brings me to your point about lawyers (and politicians). We rarely solve problems; we create laws instead. Politicians and lawyers and accountants don’t solve problems. They don’t know how to, they are not trained to do so.

      Technology solves all our problems. What’s more, the technology exists already. It is the greedy status quo elitists who slow progress. It is in their interests to do so.

      If we break the speed limit, there is a law to fine us. Technology exists to control vehicles to keep within speed limits. The same goes for any law. We don’t need laws.

      I urge you, Hannah, to watch those films, subscribe to the Venus Project Newsletter and spread the word to all your friends and everyone you know.

      Believe me, the world is going to change fundamentally for the better. We all have a part to play.

      Kind regards



      1. Hello, Ian! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to read my post…every now and then it is interesting to hear others’ point of views.

        And while I appreciate your opinion, I think there may be catastrophic flaws in your worldview that could potentially damage society as a whole if orchestrated as you wish.

        Your first point is that there is not one ounce or shred of integrity, honesty, and truth in the Justice System as a whole. I understand where you are coming from with this, but I feel that this statement is a hasty generalization towards society at large and by saying this, you are discounting every person of moral conviction that stand their ground in these positions.

        Can you say, for a fact, there is absolutely NO truth, NO honesty, or NO integrity in these areas…? No, because this is a viewpoint that no one can ever truly prove. I believe that there are, in fact, people of truth and integrity in law and politics. Are they few and far between? In most cases, yes. Does that mean they do not exist altogether, as you are stating? Absolutely not!

        Instead of saying that there cannot be ethics in these career fields, we should continue to encourage those of ethical and moral standing to pursue these jobs. Because by saying there is no truth in the Justice System, we are scaring those who actually want to make a difference away. By accepting dishonesty as fact, we are withholding truth from finding its way into these areas where it is needed most.

        I have looked up a page on the Venus Project to better understand where you are coming from. It seems like a logical perspective when all the rough edges of this perspective are hidden, but taking a closer look will reveal the truth of the matter. These things you are speaking of, no pollution, and the things that I read on the page (directing the world to peace, etc…) can only truly come to fruition if the world could become a perfect society. Although, I hold to my belief that our world is a deeply flawed one. These flaws result in pollution, litter, violence, everything bad and no amount of better wishing or technology is going to change this.

        Yes, technology can potentially help with speeding, but will it prevent drunk driving, or other forms of reckless driving?

        Will technology stop a man from brutally killing his neighbor if he feels the urge? No. Technology doesn’t enforce what laws enforce. Technology may give folks some nice alarm systems, but we need to put the fear of God into criminals that want to hurt those around us. What we need isn’t technology. We need consequences.

        If we ask for a world with no laws, then we ask for a world with no order.

        Although, I think that we are privileged that we can speak of our differences and beliefs as we are doing right now, with maturity and insight. Exchanging ideas and thinking of perspectives we usually don’t normally think of is good for everyone involved.

        Thank you for your time!

        I wish you all the best,


  2. So, I was in the process of replying to your comment on my Carpet Surgeon post, and I accidentally deleted the comment all together! 😦 😦 I don’t even know how I did that lol. Anyway, just wanted to let you know so you wouldn’t think that I didn’t like your comment πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re entertained by my goofy antics – that story’s easier for me to laugh about now that time has passed and the coast is clear!

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  3. Great post that makes other think. The only way to achieve change is by addressing the issues in today’s society, putting it out there to a large, global audience and not holding back. Glad that you put this issue out there, hopefully change will happen πŸ™‚

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  4. That’s funny: “[People] meet me with a look that is the equivalent as if I were the one put on trial.” Great post and I hope it works out for you. That although the system may be convoluted and rife with many clandestine innerworkings, I hope you can keep the simple in tact: discerning right from wrong.

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  5. I wonder if it has to do with the money – lawyers and doctors are the two best-paid professions in the country – so does that attract the wrong kind of people? What percentage of lawyers are just in it for the money?

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