A Mom That Hates Reading. A Daughter That Loves Writing.

When life deals you the cards of irony you just have to take a step back and laugh sometimes. I don’t know. Maybe cringe a little, too..

When life deals you the cards of irony you just have to sometimes take a step back and laugh. I don’t know. Maybe cringe a little, too..

Oh, don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. We’re speaking of those certain moments that leaves your face in a confused little scrunch. Like when that one especially irritating kid tries to tell you about something that they aren’t aware you could write a three hundred page memoir about or, for instance, getting one of those little garden rocks inscribed with the words “nothing is written in stone”. Nothing puzzling there, right?

Another thing to scratch your head over is the tale of a writer who hates bothering herself with the more intricate details of grammar, or in better words, learning about the more intricate details of grammar. I know. It’s a sad sad existence, isn’t it?

We all have these situations that we’ve been in. It’s part of being human, but I’ll be sure to delve a little further into this pit of irony and add some more of my life’s saga to the list.

I am a writer. Yes, it’s a proven fact. My mother-yeah, the woman that helped raise me into the young woman that I am today, doesn’t exactly care for reading.

Ok, I know. It may not strike you as inherently ironic right now, but it should. Are you aware just how many pieces I’ve written that automatically were thrust into my mother’s (and my father’s) hands for correction, for a little insight? I’ve loved writing since first/second grade. So, countless. Purely countless amounts.

All in all, my mother- a woman that in itself does not have the interest to read a single book full through- was put into the constant company of a budding WRITER.

God does have a sense of humor, doesn’t he?

Although the cool thing about this situation is the mere challenge it gives me of writing work worthy of someone who cannot tolerate (more or less, have the patience for) most people’s pieces. Plus it’s nice having someone as brutally honest in these areas as my mother is. It gives me the ability to take honest constructive criticism and run with it.

So, this girls goals for the future?

Write something that makes even the most horrid of readers sit on the edge of their seats, compelling those who abhor written words to fall in love with them over and over until their eyes hit the back cover of that book I write someday.

Might be a little cheesy, but yep. Sometimes a little irony is good for everyone.



5 thoughts on “A Mom That Hates Reading. A Daughter That Loves Writing.

  1. Oh my god! This title is EXACTLY my mum and I. When I was little she used to read a lot and read with me. Now that she’s older she doesn’t really care for it though and now that I’m older I write more now! Weird….

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  2. My mom’s a reader, but not of the stories that I write. It’s not her thing and she finds it all rather far-fetched.
    Still, appreciate her efforts in plowing through my prose and helping a little with editing.
    Thanks for sharing!

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