Pumpkin Pie Season

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest, smile.

William Cullen Bryant

So, I have finally gotten over summer’s quick exit from my life (after some bawling and a few quick kicks to a brick wall), and am currently embracing fall like there’s no tomorrow.

Actually, it’s quite easy to get hyped about fall. Just think about stuffing your face full of pumpkin pies, wearing a cozy sweater, while looking at pretty leaves. Gets you every time, doesn’t it? Thought so.

This day, more than all the others, I can feel this sweet little transition from season to season. Especially when you walk into the crisp evening air and get hit by the subtle scent of a nearby bonfire. Nothing beats the feeling.

The funny thing about us humans, though, is that when another season comes around, we soon realize just how much we missed it. Yes, you may not be excited at first (for example, I know a lot of people that hate the thought of winter) but it’s always a nice change in the end.

So, all in all, you people complaining about having to wear jackets right now will soon be lining up for your delicious little pumpkin spice lattes (I’ve still yet to taste one) and taking those gorgeous pictures of leaves that are going to flitter to the ground soon. Might I add, while enjoying every precious second.

But just remember when this all comes to be…Hannah told you so! Plus, because I’m the one that told you so, you should probably save me a latte. This is my birthday season.

Signing off (and hopefully very soon jumping into a pile of brightly colored leaves),

Hannah xoxo

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